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"Her talent and aptitude for transforming any pieces into one that captures the audience is what truly distinguishes her from other pianists in the field. It is for this reason that Dr. Na has been recruited to play some of the most complex pieces in our field. Her importance as a collaborative pianist is quite remarkable and cannot be underestimated."


"Ms. Na, my exceptionally gifted colleague, is a person who possesses world-class abilities and who has established herself on the world stage of music. 

Her performances are marked by her prodigious technical talent and physical ability at the keyboard, her graceful sense of phrasing, her sense of sonic texture and voicing, her understanding of complex modern works as well as the standard repertory, and her tremendous communicative ability in her interpretation of music for the public."

"Ms. Na's  ability to make ensemble with many and varied instruments as well as the unique personalities of singers in so many styles and languages, is rare and superb... 

Her particular set of skills and the extremely broadly based and large amount of repertory she performs and teaches, assure all of an extremely effective pedagogue and professor. I must add that to hold such a professorship at such a young age is rare in our field."


What distinguishes Ms. Na from other collaborative pianists in the field is her impressive range and depth of repertoire along with the rare ability and talent to create concert programming that offers new insights and perspectives: paring works and ideas that help audiences explore the human experience with new understanding.

"Dr. Na doesn't let me get away with less than she knows I am capable of, and is always 100% engaged in our work together. She invests in all of her students, and her care and pride in our work is infectious - we are proud of each other, too! 

I love working with someone who is an excellent model of a good colleague as much as I appreciate the coaching themselves. "


"She has extensive knowledge of the repertoire. She can meet each student wherever they are whether those are basics of preparation or the finer stylistic points appropriate to the composer and historical period. She gives clear and concise feedback with directions that are simple but highly effective. She never minces words but is never angry or unkind. "


"Dr. Na's knowledge of and guidance through my repertoire was very good and she was always able to give appropriate and helpful feedback which I could internalize and use fairly quickly. "


"Dr. Na teaches the students with better ideas and perspectives given towards them. Very reasonable and understandable for students to understand and pursue in expressing their thoughts through music. "


"I found Dr. Na's attention to detail, willingness to meet me where I was and help me grow in my craft extremely helpful. She really invested in my growth and development and encouraged me always. I am so happy to have her apart of my team!" 


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